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  • 💫Living my light

    💫Living my light Doesn't mean banishing my darkness My pain My teacher Through honouring it all I transform Through the storm A new way is born Tears wept Trauma shaken free Embodied peace at the core of me Express Release Wild and seen Fully present to all of me The rose and the thorns Come together at last Free to BE LOVE Freed from the past 💫 With love for anyone navigating the storms of transformation right now, Rebecca 💗🌷💃🙏

  • I was interviewed the other week by the radically radiant Patrice Douglas

    So I was interviewed the other week by the radically radiant Patrice Douglas on her 'Into the Nothing' podcast....getting REAL with fear. It's pretty illuminating - check it out. Listen HERE.'s part of our human experience and it can be pretty sneaky... It presents itself in different ways: Procrastination Tiredness Jealousy Doubt Physical pain Overwhelm Conflict...and so many more. In this podcast we talk about fear, what it is and isn't. Busting some myths around dealing with fear and basically getting REAL. Back to basics my friend. If we don't know how to get into a healthy relationship with fear, it is going to hold us back or wear us down every time! With love Rebecca Thompson: Be a Beacon #PowerofPresence #radicalchange #beabeacon #fearless #lessstress #beyou #shineyourlight #awareness

  • What goes on in temple space, stays in temple space 🙏🐉🌷🙏.

    But here's a few pics of our majestic surrounds literally on our doorstep and a bushwalk we took to a nearby Cove. It's not hard to immerse in the omniscience of source when bathed in this beauty and held with the power of the stones, trees and ocean....AND.... In the 'Way of the Rose' we are also embracing the thorns with the rose...stingers mean its not safe to swim in the ocean, a last minute sick caterer, a house demolition happening 2 doors down and a local alarm going off overnight for a few hrs... all perfectly adding to the initiations . We've totally got this. @ Sovereign Quantum Leap: Beacon Graduate Retreat 2023 Rebecca Thompson: Be a Beacon

  • Blessed Equinox and New Moon Beauties

    This balance we seek It's more of a dance A play between and amongst the shadows and the light Until.... We laugh out loud In remembering Aaah yes all is one All is one Blessed be Rebecca Thompson: Be a Beacon Original artwork by Rebecca Thompson

  • Be a Beacon theatre is coming.

    I have a deepening respect for those in the performing arts! New to this particular journey, I'm finding the art of creating from conception to show ready an epic adventure. In weekly rehearsals for our Beacon's show 'Turning Point', hours (and hours..) of playtime reduce to a few minutes of showtime. Visioning, Refining, Choreographing, Remembering, Connecting, Recreating, Timing,'s an amazing process of surrender, listening, following, courage and faith....priming presence again and again. Beyond grateful to have Afra Feeney from 6 Mangrove Productions to partner in directing/producing and our Beacon Heroines Amanda Bronn, Jodie Hewitt, Fiona Rogan, Kerrie Chandler, Teri Jenkins, Tee Kae , Wendy Davey and Vera Raneri bringing all of themselves to this's a LOT to ask and I am truly humbled. What is emerging is raw, real, inspiring, touching and visually and emotionally compelling. If you are a human curious about delving beneath the surface of existence you will totally relate to this show, if you identify as a woman likely even more so. 'Turning Point: 8 Women, 1 Story, The only path that matters' Premieres 7pm May 27th on Bribie Island as part of the Moreton Bay Anywhere Festival. Keep an eye out as more details are released soon.... Projection pics by Martin Drury

  • Moving our bodies

    Moving our bodies can either be a way to push ourselves into some kind of perceived state of perfection. OR To explore and get to know ourselves better. To gently release where there is resistance. To create safety where there is instability. To gather strength where this a weakness. To open channels so that prana (life-force energy) can flow freely. In this way we prime ourselves for greatness. To become the vessel that feels safe, clear and courageous enough to hear, express and carry out your souls mission. For the mind, energy and body are not separate. How you treat one affects the other. This priming is fundamental to the path of Be A Beacon. With Love and Radiance Rebecca

  • Something is birthing.....

    'Most' people in my position start a podcast, write a book, do a speaking tour. AND sooo many people have 'suggested' these to me...umm thanks! But I'm not most people (and neither are you BTW). I did start a book once but it felt like walking through toffee. I had a speaking tour planned out, but covid put an end to that (and source has other plans). Podcast?...hhmm maybe, but not feeling it right now. There are NO shoulds. I know I have to FEEL it to create it....feel the juice, the expansion, the joy - and yes usually the fear! Late last year I started getting the feels...the feels for theatre. Yep I know, go big right!! But there it was undeniably sparking, bubbling, building.... Downloading, attracting, stirring the quantum field. Verbatim/collage theatre, mixed media, story-telling, connection, inspiring, raw, real, vulnerable...... Various perfect co-creators came into my field...magic It became apparent it wasn't just about me and my story, it was going to become a 'Be a Beacon' passion project too...the next step in expression, courageous leadership, vulnerability, presence under pressure and creativity for those Beacons feeling the call. It's just beginning, but it feels soooo good...Easeful, fun and full of possibility. Do I know how this all going to turn out? Not exactly, but I can feel the power in it, see the big vision. I don't need to see all the steps to get there....heck that would just be overwhelming! I trust each step will unfold at the right time...they already are. That's how harnessing the creator in you works. How do you know if something is right for you? It not only feels expansive in you, others catch the vibe too! Full permission to unleash the creator in you my love. .that's what you're here for. With Love and Radiance Rebecca

  • Embodying lotus medicine...

    Embodying lotus medicine... Medicine of beauty, manifestation and abundance. Medicine of acceptance of darkness as the fertile soil required for growth. Medicine for blooming wherever you find yourself. Medicine for trusting the process with reverence for the magic in all. What if ALL of YOU was on board with the light that you are? What if ALL of you was resonating with the frequency of abundance, peace, potential? That is the invitation in merge mind, body, energy, emotion and source into union. This is where magic and miracles arise from. Creating Heaven on Earth in you to create heaven on earth around you. This is the path of Be a Beacon. BEcoming the light that you are. With love and light Rebecca

  • A beautiful 2 min healing flow that arose in yoga

    A beautiful 2 min healing flow that arose in yoga that I'd love to share with you. Its for being a peaceful warrior, drawing source energy into your heart and anchoring it to the earth.

  • I love inversions and there are many ways to practice them

    I love inversions and there are many ways to practice them to ensure that you stay safe, esp in regard to the neck. Inversions have so many benefits including aiding endocrine system and digestion, calming and rejuvenating for the mind or activating! For me I find the more restorative versions are calming and gently rejuvenating, the more active ones bring a more vibrant energy and clarity as well as a whole new perspective! NOTES FOR PRACTICE : CARE must be taken to ensure safety and these are best practiced initially under the guidance of a yoga teacher. The neck must remain comfortable at all times and there needs to be physical control of the body throughout transitioning in/out of the pose. A folded blanket under the upper back and shoulders can take pressure off the neck in more active inversions. It's folded edge must end right at the base of the neck...where you feel that knobbly bit! For the more active viparita kirani or shoulder stand, a test for whether this is safe for you is if you can clasp the hands around your back and roll your shoulders back with ease..such as in full bridge pose. If yes this means you will be able to create a safe support for the neck. Viparita kirani can be practiced initially as shown below up the wall to get used to the shoulder position and as a warm up. In headstand the elbows must be no more than shoulder width apart, the head tucked well under and the forearms taking all the weight dynamically pressing down so that the head may be touching the floor but is taking no pressure. This is also best practiced in dolphin pose or against the wall initially to gain the flexibilty in shoulders and to strengthen arms. Take care and have fun! Rebecca Thompson

  • Elevate your wellbeing: Tips for those times you need to sit for a while.

    Long periods of sitting creates grooves not only in your physical tissues, but mentally and emotionally. Stiffness physically, mental dullness and emotional numbness can ensue. Here's a few essential poses to bring back flexibility, passion, inspiration and energy. REMEMBER to breathe IN as you open your body, breathe OUT as you close your body or deepen a stretch. In twist pose lead from your belly, then follow with heart and head.

  • Empowering Potential Provided by Problems in Paradise

    Empowering Potential Provided by Problems in Paradise ⚡🌺🤣 I'm in Maui, first stop in a 'coming of age' adventure with my 16 yr old son Noah and our first 24 hrs have given us a plethora of problems to deal with, which I'll explain in a mo. The invitation/agreement for the trip is: 🙌You get to go anywhere in the world with one parent for max 2 weeks. 🙌You have to show a strong desire and reason for where you want to go that is life enhancing and appreciating. 🙌You collaborate with parent in all aspects of planning the trip and understanding costs involved. 🙌It's backpacker style with some perks! 🙌You lead the trip as much as possible whilst there. For anyone curious about why we do this (and yes I do truly feel blessed to be able to even offer this)...the idea is promoting individuation AND collaboration/connection; overcoming obstacles; appreciation of culture, people, money, time, choice, beauty; following heart's desire; general adulting training in a presence orientated way! My eldest son Jack chose a Natural/Cultural History tour of Italy with Dad a few years back. Noah by default gets me and chose Hawaii: Open Water Dive training in Maui followed by diving with Manta Rays on Big Island. Added bonus of Volcano action! So just 24hrs or so in, paradise has thrown us some serious adulting potential! ⚡Credit Card blocked so couldn't escape Carpark in rental car on landing in Maui (oops I forgot to tell them I was going overseas, poor adulting Moi!). Luckily Noah to the rescue, after some car lane shenanigans, as his debit card bank wasn't so risk aware LOL. ⚡Expensive new sim cards fail to work after hrs in store trying to sort...unrefundable! ⚡Trying to navigate with no paper map, no google. ⚡Flat tyre in rental car to sort and accom 15 min drive from anywhere. ⚡Despite power, no actual plugs in Tentalow (glamping type accommodation) for powering almost useless phones...luckily wifi there though. ⚡No utensils, pots or ANYTHING in camp kitchen except a BBQ. ⚡Arriving in Lahaina on a Sat night to get food (flat tyre, no map, jet lagged, HUNGRY)...tad overwhelmed with busy-ness, paid parking, 'no room at the inn' in every cafe/restaurant we went to. ⚡Trying to sleep the first night, realising that along with our beautiful beach front location we are also adjacent to the main road with trucks passing constantly! To our mutual credit, after a few early morning release tears (just me) the following day when I realised the car tyre was flat again and we had no food for breakfast...we both calmly moved step by step through each challenge, with Noah taking the lead where possible...exactly as planned of course, thankyou universe 🤣! 💫24 hrs later and we have an esky full of breakfast food, aluminium (i know but needs must) plates for the BBQ/fire, compostable cutlery/plates, a new tyre, a Maui paper map and lots of screenshot google maps from camp wifi, sleep restored mental health (traffic noise disappeared into bsckground), mind mapped the local area, credit card unblocked, navigated getting to Haleakala National Park/Volcano and done an awesome sunset walk led by Noah, establishing a new phase of relationship with each other! 💫 Phew... I'm now sitting by the public recharge station which is charging my power bank at a snails pace, while Noah is at day 1 dive training. And you know what? I'm enjoying the contrast. I can feel the undercurrent of deep stillness and power that is here in Maui. The beauty is evident all around inspite of the hustle and bustle of tourism, with all of it's detritus in denser areas. Its a bit like the feeling you get when diving, being the quiet observer. I'm curious about what the next few weeks will bring! Mahalo Rebecca

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