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  • The Gift of Community

    "Thank you for showing me so much love and support, gently holding space and inspiring me. You have made such a positive impact in my life I can't thank you enough. Love always" This brought tears to my eyes....a gift sent from a dear Beacon who embodies the 'Way of the Rose' and has travelled alongside me a few years now...birthing 2 blessed babes during that time in the womb of our community. This woman also packed up with her young family and left everything she knew, following her inner voice, to be a wayshower, a Beacon in the Bee community....THE most important caretakers on earth. Natalie you amaze and inspire me. Thankyou, I love you. I adore each and everyone of the women who walk with me, for they show true courage, their vulnerability, their strength and their love and their light in a challenging world. They truly are Beacons, lighting their own divine path to co-create heaven on earth. If you are curious about the pathways available with our Beacons, just reach out. Connect with me here. With love and Radiance

  • A Personal Achievement To Share

    We did a thing at the weekend.... RAW challenge, 60 obstacles over 9km cross country. It ended up being so much more than I thought it would be. I'll try and explain! I originally said yes to this to join in the family fun/challenge and be part of something my boys were loving doing. I was a little apprehensive of my ability...9km, military style obstacles is a tad different to my usual yoga and light jogging, but I knew I could go my own pace. Then as the event drew nearer I started to feel more and more uncomfortable with it. My mind was shouldn't have to do this, what if you get hurt, you don't have to do this to fit in, you won't enjoy it, just speak up for yourself about what you really want...etc! I was curious, because these are old stories. I hadn't felt this way for ages...yet the voices got stronger. As many of you know I have also recently returned from an incredibly deep week away with my Beacons...I'm talking quantum realm healing across all space and lifetimes to come to zero point calibration in the here and NOW. Soooo...what became apparent during the week away was that this RAW event was activating the unravelling of old wounds from other life times...wounds of not speaking up and honouring my needs, humiliation, shame, being forced to do things I didn't want to do.....emotion and memories were pouring out... I knew all that was needed was for me to allow all of this old pain to come through, witness it, love it and give my self permission to do whatever my true hearts desire was... I'm not saying it was easy to stay present with what was was A LOT. But that's what I'm here clear THE LOT! I am soo grateful for Rich bearing loving and supportive witness to all of this, even when he may not really understand. Right up until we left for RAW that morning I was in emotional flux and release...I sat on the edge of the bed as more tears flowed. And then Rich said, maybe it is better if you stay here, this is supposed to be joyful. If it doesn't feel joyful you don't need to come. It was the final piece...with this loving permission everything released, all pain, all inner conflict, all passed. Magic! Everything felt clear and past muddying up the present. Excitement immediately came in....and I was 100% in!! And RAW? It was brilliant. I loved every minute. I had my unseen guides with me every step of the way. I drew on my training in presence and power that got me through obstacles I never thought I could do. I joyfully said NO WAY to obstacles I knew I just couldn't do. I amazed myself at my capacity and resilience. I was in awe of my incredible boys who stormed through and came 14th and 15th in the competitors leg and Grace who came 10th in the women's !!! I was in total love and gratitude for Rich who cheered me on without pushing me beyond my edge and never gave up loving me back. This life, hey!! With Love and Radiance

  • BE A Beacon With Us

    "Life changing is an understatement" "I am calmer, more confident, I'm speaking up, being heard and attracting so much magic into my life....I'm sooo excited about the future" "I have never experienced such loving, non-judgemental presence as I feel in this group of women" "I spent so much of my life searching, without really knowing what I was looking for - I have found it here" These are just a few of the many appreciations from our Beacons about the Be a Beacon programme. This pathway of BEing a Beacon is a sacred blueprint for embodying your divinity. It is also a practical and tangible modern day mystery school for we are here to be in the world, to create Heaven ON Earth, not to escape it. As women there can be a lot of deeply held fear around truly showing up in our highest. Fear around being seen, being heard, being powerful. We can be masters at trying to shield ourselves from this fear, whilst at the same time holding a yearning to fulfil our true calling. This inner conflict between the mind and the soul is draining, self sabotaging and creates so many obstacles in our path. So we need a safe, loving and clear container in which to reclaim our centre, our courage and our power. A strong and potent container in which to gently disarm our fears, rediscover our heart's desires and cultivate the capacity to hold our divine presence under pressure. This is exactly what happens in the container of our community. When women come together held in this Beacon field of love, vulnerability, presence and pure potential....true alchemy happens unleashing the highest expression of YOU You too can be a part of this magic...on a 3 day Embodied Foundations immersion OR a Year Mastery programme. We are taking applications for a Feb start now. Link for info/book a chat below beauty. With Love and Radiance

  • Inner Strength, Compassion, Power, Endings, 4 New Beginnings

    We have been exploring and embodying aspects of the Goddess Durga here on our Beacon's Goddess Embodiment retreat . Durga "You are warrior Compassionate Mother Protector and my Inner Strength You are the most fierce And the most gentle Salutations again and again" You are Durga She is one aspect of the feminine in all of us that lies dormant until we wake her. She protects you from your mind and external influences. She brings about destruction, not through vindictiveness, but through love so that you have no choice but to grow, to create new ways, to evolve. She is the earth of safety and the fire of transformation. She is the power behind movement. She is the fierce love and compassion of the 'perfect' mother. She is not afraid to do what needs to be done for the highest good of all. Her heart is pure and her voice is true. She acts swiftly without fear or hesitation, always calm for she knows that she knows. When we learn how to embody ALL aspects of ourselves, awaken the divinity in our humanity, we become free to be fully expressed. Free from reactivity, triggers, old stories and the roots of suffering. Free to create Heaven on Earth. Part of this week is a painting journey, each day we will paint on the same canvas what arises from meditation on different aspects of the goddess within. A journey of free expression, of letting go, of creation... We've only just begun. With Love and Radiance

  • Now You Can Blog from Everywhere!

    We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to manage your blog from anywhere. In this blog post we’ll share the ways you can post to your Wix Blog. Blogging from Your Wix Blog Dashboard On the dashboard, you have everything you need to manage your blog in one place. You can create new posts, set categories and more. To head to your Dashboard, open the Wix Editor and click on Blog > Posts. Blogging from Your Published Site Did you know that you can blog right from your published website? After you publish your site, go to your website’s URL and login with your Wix account. There you can write and edit posts, manage comments, pin posts and more! Just click on the 3 dot icon ( ⠇) to see all the things you can do. #bloggingtips #WixBlog

  • Grow Your Blog Community

    With Wix Blog, you’re not only sharing your voice with the world, you can also grow an active online community. That’s why the Wix blog comes with a built-in members area - so that readers can easily sign easily up to become members of your blog. What can members do? Members can follow each other, write and reply to comments and receive blog notifications. Each member gets their own personal profile page that they can customize. Tip: You can make any member of your blog a writer so they can write posts for your blog. Adding multiple writers is a great way to grow your content and keep it fresh and diversified. Here’s how to do it: Head to your Member’s Page Search for the member you want to make a writer Click on the member’s profile Click the 3 dot icon ( ⠇) on the Follow button Select Set as Writer

  • Design a Stunning Blog

    When it comes to design, the Wix blog has everything you need to create beautiful posts that will grab your reader's attention. Check out our essential design features. Choose from 8 stunning layouts Your Wix Blog comes with 8 beautiful layouts. From your blog's settings, choose the layout that’s right for you. For example, a tiled layout is popular for helping visitors discover more posts that interest them. Or, choose a classic single column layout that lets readers scroll down and see your post topics one by one. Every layout comes with the latest social features built in. Readers can easily share posts on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and view how many people have liked a post, made comments and more. Add media to your posts When creating your posts you can: Upload images or GIFs Embed videos and music Create galleries to showcase a media collection Customize the look of your media by making it widescreen or small and easily align media inside your posts. Hashtag your posts Love to #hashtag? Good news! You can add tags (#vacation #dream #summer) throughout your posts to reach more people. Why hashtag? People can use your hashtags to search through content on your blog and find the content that matters to them. So go ahead and #hashtag away!

  • I've got the MAGIC in ME!

    We see transformation all around us, everyday and yet how often do you stop to really notice the WOW factor and how much do you believe you have the capacity to change? For example, it still seems unbelievable to me that I can hold a tiny seed in my hand and that it holds such hidden potential. The potential to become something far greater, far removed from its’ humble beginnings and to share its’ abundant gifts with the world. Perhaps that seed will become a tree that radiates beauty and fills hearts with awe and gratitude. A tree that has healing qualities, many uses for its’ leaves, seeds and wood and gives joy to those who climb it and rest in its’ shade. A tree that holds precious moisture in and stability to the earth around it, provides shelter and nourishment for creatures and of course creates the clean air we all breathe. It seems unbelievable, magical and yet we know it to be true, because we can see and experience it. If a tiny seed can hold so much potential for transformation and so many hidden gifts to the world, then how much more so can we humans with our higher levels of consciousness and awareness? “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t you’re right” A seed doesn’t question its’ ability to sprout, a caterpillar doesn’t question its’ ability to metamorphose into a butterfly….so then who are we to question our inner magic? It takes a lot of perseverance, faith and experimenting to tap into your magic, but once you do the potential is infinite! ..... I'll be sharing my own story of personal transformation in a video blog soon! If you are ready to transform, we can help you...

  • Life's a Balancing Act

    Life sure is a balancing act! When we think of balance in life, we can tend to have this rose tinted view of perfection: Everything flowing smoothly, loving family dynamics, impeccably behaved children doing everything they ‘should’, happy, harmonious work life, financial comfort, pain free, mobile bodies, nothing breaking down or going wrong! That would be nice, right? But I think balance is a more dynamic state, not some haloed destination that we are striving to reach & mustn’t fall off the perch from. I often use the yogic term ‘walking the knife edge’ as a metaphor for living in balance…it describes that fine point of poise & peace between struggle & surrender. But at the moment I’m playing That is to say, rather than rigidly walking the tightrope & risking rising tension as we desperately try to maintain equilibrium, it’s more like launching yourself joyously into life with complete trust & faith that you will be looked after, as long as you have conscious awareness – just as with a flying trapeze, it wouldn’t do to lose your attentiveness & slip altogether. It all comes back to AWARENESS doesn’t it? Awareness of how you feel in your body, mind & emotions is the indicator of where you’re at right now & wherever you’re at is OK…..because it just IS & life is always going to be changeable, it’s the very nature of things. It’s what you choose to DO with your awareness that matters. So my advice to you? Live life on Purpose, Courageously & Passionately like the trapeze artist….truly BEing in each moment with loving awareness, responding in a way that takes you towards PEACE AND JOY!

  • Community Spirit

    I’ve just come back from a trip to Bali and it was a startling reminder that although we may be somewhat ahead in terms of technology, infrastructure and cleanliness of public areas (!)…they have a lot to teach us when it comes to family and community values, respect, tradition, art/culture, reverence, gratitude and HAPPINESS! For myself and my husband it was a welcome reminder of our true priorities, for our children it was an eye opener of another way to BE. Cultural traditions, dance, faith, art, ceremony, storytelling and music have been used throughout time to help bring humanity into a sense of attunement with the true essence of life itself. To explore, express and challenge boundaries and beliefs, suffering and joy, creating a strong sense of belonging and tribe. I know just a few weeks immersing ourselves as a family in this environment has done wonders for our little 'tribe'.... we felt so accepted by local people who were essentially strangers, we had a kids screen ban and so we all developed our more creative side in colouring, local cooking workshops and balinese crafts aswell as just BEING! We were in awe of the sense of community and the devotion in celebration and ceremony. One of the most touching moments was a whole village walking as one in colourful, exuberant and joyful procession for a funeral - how different here in Australia! Conversely, in the western world, many creative and physical endeavours have become competitive and solo, judged and measured. We seem to have almost abandoned the ways in which we connect with reverence to each other, the world around us and our ‘source’ (whatever that means to you). Too often we become reliant on external material things for short term gratification and that’s the problem, that gratification is not REAL and doesn’t last. A sense of emptiness, separation or purposelessness is felt by so many - in the form of anxiety, stress or depression, however mild…which can then manifest as dis-ease in the body. Right NOW teenage depression is at a peak and ALL the clients I see in my clinic have stress as a main or an underlying cause of their symptoms and suffering. My passion is to try and bring back that sense of truly belonging to a community, to ease the burden of daily life and re-ignite the joy and simplicity of BEING!

  • Creating Conscious Positive Change

    So maybe there’s something you’d like to transform in your life and the New Year feels like a chance for a fresh start, the way we go about it thought will fuel our success or failure. If you wish to succeed it is vital to do some self enquiry to discover more about who you really are, why you really want the change and what are you prepared to do in order to achieve that. Most often the things we set about wanting to change are a result of our past behaviour, for example : we may want to lose weight, get fit, get a promotion or create a more harmonious work/life balance. However the reason we find ourselves in our current situation is largely due to our habits, beliefs, fears and conditioning from past experiences – it is these thoughts, emotions and tendencies that need to be explored if we really want to create positive change. The truth is we each tend to think and act in very individual but predictable and repetitive ways grooving those reactive pathways deeper and deeper, which makes it hard for us to climb out of the trench we’ve created and forge new and different tracks. “Look within and How do we shine the light of truth on a mind/body that is always trying to delude us? – you know how that little voice goes – ‘I’ll start tomorrow’, ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘Why bother’, ‘everyone relies on me’, ‘I must keep busy’ or ‘I’m too tired’. To live our authentic, radiant self we must carve out space in each day to sit honestly with who we are and view the ways in which we limit, deceive, pressurise and deprecate ourselves – always observing from a calm place of love and understanding (without judgement !) This can be as simple as 5 to 10 minutes of every morning and evening in quiet reflection of the day, or watching the sunset over the Glasshouse mountains in peace and gratitude for life. We don’t always have to go digging for answers, often when we allow room for expansion beyond the rational mind, answers effortlessly arise by themselves! Why change anyway? Often we desire change because our suffering on some level has become intolerable and that may lead us to have the thought pattern of ‘getting away from the suffering’, however that thought keeps us in a negative mindset. It is far better to affirm the positive of what we wish to become or achieve ‘I am.......’, this way we are starting to recondition our mind to a more beneficial belief. The more we can affirm this mentally or out loud to ourselves, the more conviction, emotion and therefore power we bring to the statement – as Paramahansa Yogananda so eloquently said, “Words saturated with sincerity, conviction, faith and intuition are like highly explosive vibratory bombs, which when set off, shatter the rocks of difficulties and create the change desired”. It's Ok - Change is hard! Change requires commitment, honest self-enquiry and acceptance of the fact that we all need help! Be empowered…Take the leap…Make the change!

  • 5 Top Tips for a Conscious Christmas

    No matter what our religious beliefs the majority of us still celebrate Christmas in some way. Maybe for you it’s a holiday, a break from routine, a chance to catch up with distant friends and relatives, or do you dread the impending stress of present buying with all its’ pitfalls and costs, of trying to ‘do it all’ – see everyone, feed everyone and live up to an imaginary ideal of the perfect Christmas. Society encourages us to ‘buy into’ the idea of Christmas from a material perspective, how many times has someone asked you – “so, have you started your Christmas shopping yet?” or “ so, are you ready for Christmas” as if it’s some kind of race or event to psych oneself up for. So what does Christmas REALLY mean to you?.....the timeless message of Christianity is one of love and compassion to all, so regardless of our faith isn’t this something we can all do with more of? The gift of spreading love and compassion costs nothing! Mother Theresa has been quoted as saying “Not everyone can perform great acts in their lifetime, however all of us can perform many small acts with great love and kindness”. Christmas is a perfect time to reflect on the gifts life itself holds. All of us reading this article are living in a western world of relative peace, beauty and abundance – we have much to be grateful for and yet we allow negativity to creep in, in the form of complaining, criticising and fear. Spiritual texts and western science agree that our thoughts manifest our reality, therefore if we are more mindful of our thoughts and intentions we can help create a more loving and peaceful reality. A gift to oneself that keeps on giving. 5 Tips for a Conscious Christmas Smile - Persons in customer service are people too (and very busy this time of year), make it your job to brighten everyone’s day with kind words and a smile Gratitude - As you sit down to open your gifts or enjoy your Christmas lunch, take a few moments to offer up sincere and humble thanks for what you are about to receive, or why not start a daily gratitude practice of listing 3 things you’re grateful for each day Think local – How can you spread the love in your local community, by buying local, supporting community events or maybe volunteering Back to nature - If things get a bit intense, take a reality check - get out and soak up the wonder and magnificence of nature’s priceless gifts Pray – you don’t have to be religious to pray – sit quietly and send out a heartfelt prayer for the benefit of those less fortunate than yourself Wishing you all a joyful, peaceful and abundant Christmas with love Beks

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