I have always had a passion for discovering the truth, never content to just accept how things may seem on the surface and encouraging others to do the same.  This has led me to delve deep into the art and science of living, healing and being.


I used to ask myself in my early days as a physio, why is it that some people easily get better and others don't when they seemingly present with the same condition?


This discrepancy, an enquiring mind and my own journey with chronic pain, burnout and low level depression has taken me down a path of discovery and self-inquiry into the magic that is us, into our power, our presence, and our higher potential.

It has led me to create a year long personal development programme for women, Be a Beacon, where progressive bio-psycho-social science meets ancient sacred wisdom. 


I absolutely love my work and my community of Beacons. I have the humble privilege of helping others find their healing potential and realise the freedom, power and joy that lies within when they are rooted in presence.



On a more personal note ...


I moved to Australia from the UK in 2001 with my incredibly supportive husband Rich, that was a big journey and our personal one has been even bigger as we have been together since Uni days from 1991!

We have 2 independent, wise, loving young boys and a playful labradoodle called Indi.


I feel incredibly blessed to have made Bribie island, with it's beautiful and gentle nature, our home.


I'm 95% vegetarian (there are just some days I need organic red meat!), I love to dance, sing, play music, stroll on the beach, hike in the hills, meditate, do yoga, sail on the sea and frolic in the waves.


I am committed every day to bring my spirituality into daily life, bringing the sacred to every moment and continue playing with the dynamic balance of life - It's a work in progress!




Registered Physiotherapist & Member of AHPRA (Australian Health Regulation Agency), graduated with a BSc in Physiotherapy from Coventry University, England in 1993.


I have been continuously involved in cutting edge postgrad training and professional development ever since of both eastern and western origins that add depth and complexity to the programmes and events I offer.


I am a YA registered Yoga Teacher, having trained extensively with Radiant Light Yoga, YogaPhysio and Donna Farhi with post grad yoga therapy and healing pathways courses.


I am also a certified Art of Feminine Presence Teacher helping women heal their past and stand up and be seen in the way they dearly want.

I am based in the Sunshine Coast, 50  mins North of Brisbane on beautiful Bribie Island, but travel nationally to speak and run events.



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