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Live your PEACE  Live your PASSION  Live your POWER

Be A Beacon is for women on a sacred path of personal and spiritual development,

who are yearning for more fulfillment and to awaken their impact in the world,

without compromising their health, their family or their feminine.


More Energy, More Impact, Less Stress.

The push-pull that so many women have with showing up and then shrinking back due to overwhelm, energy levels, guilt and doubt is NOT about how busy you are or how worthy you are…..


This search for connection goes hand in hand with the search for meaning and that what you do and who you are matters.


Here is the TRUTH -


The kind of disconnect and sense of lack many of us feel in our current society cannot be cured outside of ourselves.

It’s an inside job.

Just so that you know straight away...

BE A BEACON programme is not a ‘fluffy spiritual experience’ with no real relevance to the real world.


The embodiment and integration of physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual fitness, so that you can fulfill your sacred mission here on earth.


It is about bridging the gap between the practical and the spiritual in a tangible and female oriented way.

Most importantly it is about seeing YOU clearly and resolving your challenges at their core.


Feeling safe to be unapologetically YOU in ALL ways, always.

Feeling confident in your worth and courageous in showing up.

Being unwavering in your peaceful presence NO MATTER WHAT.

Rediscovering your joy and freedom , unbound from the past or social norms.

Inspiring change in others just by being you.

Feeling deeply fulfilled knowing you are aligned to your Soul's mission.

Creating through magnetic attraction and inspired action, rather than exhausting effort.

Confidently receiving and following your higher guidance to awaken the impact you were born to make.

“I had been living with stress and high anxiety, struggling with personal issues and relationships. Rebecca’s programme has transformed and impacted every area of my life.

I have a sense of deep peace. My business has taken off and my relationships

are at a whole new level."

Aldwyn Altuney 


Find out more with a Discovery Chat and we can see if we are a good fit to work together

Be a Beacon is for women with more than a passing interest in personal development.

It is DEEP work, for those committed to radical change for the highest good of all.

Book a Discovery Chat to find out more.


“This programme has profoundly opened my heart and shifted my whole world. For so long I knew I was searching, but not what I was searching for. As a woman with many scars, great and small I say if you feel like you too are searching, then this is it! I have found it here…”


"I had no idea that I was living so deeply in my head and how much anxiety and stress that was actually causing the rest of my body. Even when I was having breaks from my biz, I was still going around and around in my head and my nervous system never got a break.


This work has released all of the pain, all of the struggle. Truly this program with Rebecca is like nothing I've experienced. I couldn't recommend It enough, it has 101,000,000% changed my life in the most profound ways."



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