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yoga on bribie island



YOGA can help alleviate & manage these symptoms and more. The consistent practice of YOGA brings about a oneness of our being, bringing flexibility to rigidity, stability to imbalance, calmness to restlessness and bringing joy where there is sadness. 


I encourage an attitude of exploration, self-acceptance, gratitude and focused awareness to provide an environment in which PEACE, HEALING, and JOY may flourish.


My YOGA on Bribie is best described as Hatha/Raja Yoga. This means we have a flowing practice, balancing effort and ease, allowing the meditation of movement to unfurl.


I support all levels of students and incorporate the eight limbs of yoga including pranayama, meditation, mantra and live music relaxation.

bribie yoga class times

casual price

TUESDAY: 5.30pm - 7.00pm
THURSDAY: 9.15am - 10.45am​



We provide some mats and props, but it is helpful to have your own mat if you decide to attend regularly.

It can be a little cool at rest, so I advise bringing a blanket for relaxation/svasana. 

For your first time at Yoga, please arrive a little early to orientate yourself and register.

** This is an Introductory Incentive Pass for Beginners. 1 per person. Valid for 1 month.

We are passionate about Yoga and know creating a regular practice helps you reap many benefits, so we want to support beginners with our Intro Incentive Pass.


Bribie Island Community Art Centre 

@ the Boardroom (around the back of the main gallery)

191 Sunderland Drive

Bribie Island


What is Yoga and how can it help YOU?

Do you suffer from Pain, stiffness, anxiety, stress, insomnia or depression?

These are some of the many symptoms that Yoga can help alleviate & manage.


Yoga can be translated as 'Union with one's higher Self' and is an ancient system of practices from India for overall health, well-being and spiritual development or enlightenment.  We encompass authentic and safe Yoga practices in our classes to explore the many therapeutic benefits:


ASANA - combining physical postures and movements with breath & focused awareness.  Helps to relieve physical pain and stress, gain strength and flexibility. Improves overall well-being. 


PRANAYAMA- controlled breathing techniques. Helps to energise and purify, as well as relieve anxiety, stress, and depression.


MEDITATION - peaceful awareness. Helps to moderate blood pressure, calm the mind and beat stress.


YOGA NIDRA - deep scientific relaxation and sense awareness/withdrawal. Helps with stress relief, trauma and healing on all levels.


MANTRA - chanting. Helps particularly in calming the mind and creating positive thought patterns.

This holistic approach can lead to deep personal transformation and healing for those dedicated to practice.

Why Choose Yoga with Rebecca?


  • I welcome all people in our classes regardless of age, ability or experience and will support you wherever you are at.

  • I encourage an attitude of self-love and acceptance, not competition.

  • I am a Physiotherapist as well as a Yoga Teacher and Intuitive Healer able to draw on her western training as well as the ancient eastern traditions of yoga in her class approach, ensuring authentic, safe practice.

  • I hold a deeply present space and tailor the practice in particular to the feminine. Each class is led intuitively and attuned to the current season.

  • I offer ongoing support in yoga community through events, regular newsletters as well as weekly video tips and resources on our Facebook page - LIKE us to stay connected.

How can yoga help you?

Original sacred music with a twist of world folk.

With stunning harmonies and heartfelt lyrics these songs take you on a journey to uplift, touch and inspire the soul. Go to Rebecca's music page to learn more.

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