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  • Did you know we've taken more of our Be A Beacon programme online?

    WHY? To be able to better serve our current interstate community To enable this deep healing and light activation work to be done in the home for greater family and community benefit To ease the life integration process during and after events To help bridge the gap between the practical and spiritual To enhance our super power capacities beyond immediate, linear space and time To open up our community's capacity for growth BEing a Beacon is about becoming a clear vessel of divine light on earth for the highest good of a practical, embodied way. Fully Expressed Fully Soul Aligned Full Power AND to anchor that light as a community constellation on earth. Both Sovereign and One. Heaven on Earth Is that your soul's call too? To live your highest? To be part of the revolutionary evolution that is upon us? Be A Beacon is practical spirituality for the 'real' world. If you're feeling it reach out for a chat beauty. Find out more/book a chat. Check out this link: Rebecca P.S We mix the best of both worlds, so no matter where you are or how you like to connect/learn, we've got you covered: Online intensives and training, 1:1 mentoring, in-person immersions/retreats.

  • Eat Well...your body is a temple

    Eat Well... your body is a temple . Live your Peace and Passion. Rebecca Thompson: Be a Beacon #soulpower #sacredfeminine #liveyourbestlife #nourishyourself #womenempowerment

  • Express your Soul Self...

    Express your Soul's the greatest gift you have for yourself and others. 💫💃💕 Rebecca #creative #soulexpression #intuitiveart #fullyexpressed #beabeacon #womenempoweringwomen #femaleleadership #lessstressmorejoy #peace #passion #soulpower

  • Practical Spirituality

    Practical Spirituality: My 5 M's for living with more Peace, Passion and access to your Soul Power.... 🌟🙏💃

  • Exciting....My first time exhibiting artwork in a gallery

    Exciting....My first time exhibiting artwork in a gallery . For me it's not about selling or prizes (although that would be wonderful) - at the moment I'm still leaning into the edge of even showing my 'work'. I'm not a technical artist, I have no training and my style of expression is definitely evolving as I continue to paint. My art arises from an intuitive and at times deeply emotional space. As I dropped off the artwork however, I realised it is the perfect day to be owning my inner 'artist' on my birthday! We are all creators . The opening night for Matthew Flinders Exhibition is Fri 14 July at our wonderful Bribie Island Community Arts Centre and runs for a few weeks. There's a public choice prize too...check it out! There's always an amazing range of art in many mediums. My 2 below are: 'Quantum Healing' and 'Aura of Rose'. Prob pretty obvious which ones which ??! Big Iove Rebecca

  • Really absorbing accomplishments

    Really absorbing accomplishments and celebrations is an edge for me. My mind is very keen, it likes to move to the next thing without fully appreciating what has just been achieved. It likes to look at what isn't, rather than what IS...anyone else relate? If I'm not careful it leads to the 'I'm never enough' dis-ease. So I'm gifting myself time to absorb the moment of accomplishment with our recent 'Turning Point' show in collaboration with 6 Mangrove Productions and our Beacon cast. It was the official Anywhere Festival awards on Saturday night. We won a 'weekly' award for best show in the 4th week of the festival!! We were also nominated for 2 more awards: immersive/participatory theatre AND the Anywhere Festival 'own pick' award...out of over 300 shows in Brisbane and Moreton Bay. Pretty chuffed with that. Breath, absorb, feel, expand...repeat...It's a process!! Whilst absorbing this, Afra Feeney, Tracey from Treecreate and I are also sitting with how to evolve this work into future shows and keep this important narrative of the voice of the feminine alive. We are worthy . And so are you

  • The dark shadow the exact sword image I had within....

    "The dark shadow the exact sword image I had within...." There are certain times in my life that have provided a portal, an invitation into an accelerated greater expression of my Self. Right now peri-menopause is one of those times and being on the path of conscious embodiment of my Soul Self, the transformation game is truly ON!! It's a courageous path of surrender I've chosen to accept and whilst it's not easy, THE WAY is also truly blessed. For around a year or so I have been navigating storms, shifts, hormonal flux and awakenings in quantum leaps. My pelvis has repeatedly groaned under the request to open into receiving vaster source energy. My emotions have shaken worlds in their torrent of release. My many lives have been revealing and colliding for healing ALL in the cauldron of NOW. And so Sunday was one of those days...arriving unannounced. I was feeling grumpy, inexplicably sad and anxious, my pelvis had the recognisable groan of adjusting for growth. I knew the signs and that nature and stillness to connect and deeply feel are the medicine. I walked on the beach until no-one was in sight. I was instinctively drawn to sit not far from a tall treestump, gazing out to sea. I sat with what I was feeling. Dropping in layer by layer through the sadness, I got to a deep wound. The visual and the sensation was the shadow of a sword in my heart down to my belly, creating a hollow space of betrayal. Tears flowed at the acknowledgement. After a time my eyes fluttered open and looked straight across to the tree stump, it's shadow falling on the wet sand. The dark shadow the exact sword image I had within. Sobbing, shaking. I moved to sit directly in front of the treestump and saw it was charred and blackened from fire. More tears, more distant memories of burning fire, stakes, betrayal, aloneness. A process emerged through prayer, art, release, words, movement and ritual cleansing in the ocean....blessed peace. Yes I live what I teach. After a sleep of integration....I awoke in what felt like a different skin. Other parts of me reclaimed, more layers of ancient wounds released. The spiral path. My mission to fulfill my own prophecy is to come into Zero point calibration in the NOW. Unfettered by the 'pasts' of this or any other of my lifetimes. Fully expressed in divine union. This is my prayer. This is the dragon ride blessing of the peri-menopause portal. The inner temple of unbinding....ultimate liberation. With Love Rebecca 🌹🙏💖 Pic of me by mel watt photography #practicalspirituality #radicalchange #femaleleadership #empoweringwomen #beabeacon #presence #ritual

  • Didn't think you were a leader?

    Didn't think you were a leader? You are creating more change than you realise. Watch the full video HERE. #beabeacon #practicalspirituality #empoweringwomen #femaleleadership #createchange #presence #community

  • We are winners!

    We are winners! Oh my goddess...what started as a seed of an idea a few years ago has blossomed into an award winning show. If you haven't voted yet - you still can and help us win the overall Anywhere Festival award. This award was a wonderful weekly award. Sooo much gratitude to Afra Feeney from 6 Mangrove Productions for helping to bring it to fruition. To our courageous and beautiful cast of Beacons...this award is truly for you Tee Kae Wendy Davey Teri Jenkins Vera Raneri Fiona Rogan Amanda Bronn Kerrie Chandler Jodie Hewitt, Tracey M Benson from Treecreate thankyou for your creative support and documentation. I look forward to how we evolve this!

  • GETTING REAL with being Seen and Heard:

    GETTING REAL with being Seen and Heard: An interview with Beacon Mel Watt, women's portrait photographer. To watch the full video, click HERE. Follow her on her Facebook page: mel watt photography

  • A yoga practice that is grounded and encourages flexibility, strength and stability

    In a world of so much uncertainty and change, a yoga practice that is grounded and encourages flexibility, strength and stability - particulatly in the deep core and pelvic girgle - is super supportive. Happy Hips! With love Rebecca Thompson: Be a Beacon Music by me : link HERE. #PowerofPresence #practicalspirituality #lessstress #beabeacon #shineyourlight #radicalchange #beyou #yogaforlife

  • Deep listening and following training

    I use my yoga practice as a deep listening and following training. Listening to my body, my womb, my heart and following intuitively... Moving from my core to deeply groove that way of being. Out of my mind and into embodied presense where Peace, Passion and Power are always available. How you practice on the mat is how you do life. This practice ended up being very liberating energetically, physically and emotionally as I explored opening through the hips and spine... perfect for what I was needing. With Love, Rebecca Thompson: Be a Beacon #PowerofPresence #radicalchange #beabeacon #empoweredwoman #yogaforwomen #lesstress #practicalspirituality

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