corporate mindfulness

“Beks, your knowledge and expertise is truly awesome. I feel very fortunate to have participated in and learned so much this weekend. Thank you.”


“The combination of Beks’ skills and expertise has helped me in so many ways. Her treatments are amazing – like nothing I’ve experienced before. The treatments combined with the techniques Beks has taught me and going regularly to her Yoga classes, has helped me manage my blood pressure, get relief from chronic neck and shoulder pain and helped me deal so much better with day to day stresses. Even my husband has said that I seem much calmer these days!”


“Beks continuosly exceeds my expectations whether 1:1, workshops, retreats or other events…she is a one stop shop on the road to health and self-love."


"Can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the weekend. I am still relaxed and peaceful and have continued to practice meditation at night – I can really feel the difference and it shows in my manner with colleagues. The philosophy makes perfect sense and I will continue to embrace it and share by example."


“Working with Beks is challenging, exciting, encouraging and life-changing.”


“ Wise and inspiring deliverance of a unique combination of philosophies, practices and processes ….for anyone wanting change, connection, direction, support, inspiration and truth.“


”My life has been forever transformed and I owe so much to Beks helping me to get back in touch with me, my mind, body and most importantly my soul. No Psychologist, No medications.”


“It was the absolute perfect session to re-engage the team and kick off our inspiration day."


"In 2013 my emotional and physical being collapsed...over a period of 2.5 years I had been through numerous healthcare options....but the real enlightenment within came when I worked with Beks. My physical and emotional symptoms have reduced dramatically...Some have gone altogether and now I have the awareness and skills to ground and balance myself with ease whenever I feel the old me (ego) testing my faith and beliefs! This has been an all in one package for me."

sun salute

"There has been a profound impact on how I feel about myself, my energy levels and how I embody my own power.I would absolutely recommend Beks’ work."

Original sacred music with a twist of world folk.

With stunning harmonies and heartfelt lyrics these songs take you on a journey to uplift, touch and inspire the soul.


“Beks’ ‘SOUL SAILORS’ CD is amazing.

 I thought it would be nice, but I am completely shocked and impressed, it is soo beyond nice, it is world class.

Beks you are a brilliant songwriter, lyricist and melody maker and you are pitch perfect!

Ever since I received the CD I have had it on constant replay.

Your voice transmits a quality that immediately puts me in a state of peace, love and a feeling of infinite positive potential.

It is so, so beautiful. I can’t recommend this CD highly enough to anyone who appreciates music.”

Rachael Jayne Groover. International speaker and founder of Art of Feminine Presence


"it is absolutely gorgeous, uplifting, emotion provoking & filled with your awesome self."

Kim Johnston


"Wow wow must be, should be, have to be absolutely bursting with pride for this sublime album Beks. It sends you on a journey of pure enrichment and absolute emotion" 

Sharon Ward


 "There would not ever be a way that I could share just how much strength, balance, inspiration, love and support I truly receive from your music’"

 Jo Baker



Sacred Music Evenings

in the Lotus Bell Tent

Bribie Island

$15 inc Chai 

Profits to grassroots charities

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