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Original sacred music with a twist of world folk.

With stunning harmonies and heartfelt lyrics these songs take you on a journey to uplift, touch and inspire the soul.


“Beks’ ‘SOUL SAILORS’ CD is amazing.

 I thought it would be nice, but I am completely shocked and impressed, it is soo beyond nice, it is world class.

Beks you are a brilliant songwriter, lyricist and melody maker and you are pitch perfect!

Ever since I received the CD I have had it on constant replay.

Your voice transmits a quality that immediately puts me in a state of peace, love and a feeling of infinite positive potential.

It is so, so beautiful. I can’t recommend this CD highly enough to anyone who appreciates music.”

Rachael Jayne Groover. International speaker and founder of Art of Feminine Presence


"it is absolutely gorgeous, uplifting, emotion provoking & filled with your awesome self."

Kim Johnston


"Wow wow must be, should be, have to be absolutely bursting with pride for this sublime album Beks. It sends you on a journey of pure enrichment and absolute emotion" 

Sharon Ward


 "There would not ever be a way that I could share just how much strength, balance, inspiration, love and support I truly receive from your music’"

 Jo Baker




Sacred Music Evenings

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