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    Art of Feminine Presence

Do you want to be a part of the new culture that is celebrating the rise of the Feminine?

Do you want to be seen and heard in a powerfully authentic way without  having to push with your masculine?

Do you want to achieve more with less stress, more energy and deeper connections with others?

This work is accessible for ANY woman and doesn't require any prior level of fitness, however it is for those who have been on the spiritual path for some time and want to go deeper with transformative, embodied practical spirituality.

Art of feminine presence teaches you to:​


  • BE SEEN AND HEARD in an authentically powerful way,


  • FEEL CALM and FULFILLED, meeting your needs as well as the needs of others




Glowing raves from AFP attendees

“ I’ve been feeling at a low point in my life and I was skeptical that this would help as I’ve done so much work already over many years, but it has turned it all upside down! It is amazing. I will be doing these practices for the rest of my life…thankyou Beks” Kerry D

“I lived my whole life feeling as though I’m a fake, doing what I thought was the ‘right’ thing to do or what I thought would make other people happy. Through AFP I have learnt in a safe, supportive, nurturing way to feel what makes ME happy. The simple tools and practices have a deep and profound impact on how I feel about myself, on my energy levels and how I embody my own personal, feminine power. I would absolutely recommend this workshop.” Sue G

"I discovered more about myself than i have on ANY other event...I highly recommend this for any woman looking for love & support, to face fears & to heal " Marni

"I will take tools of healing and connection from this...I feel loved and supported...i have found has freed me! yay!" Nicky

"I feel much calmer and content now... almost a renewal of self. I will definitely try to continue to use the techniques as much as possible, especially in difficult situations and in my relationship with my husband" Sandy

" I had to confront feelings of not being good enough...issues with taking on other people's stuff .. learning to forgive myself. This retreat has helped me to believe in me, to ground, to feel immense gratitude and self-love. It has given me loving tools to help in situations of negativity. I am forever grateful" Donna

" I needed to get out of my head space and face my views of myself and self-worth.... I have gone through an entire range of emotions in the most supportive and safe environment, assisting me now to live life in an extremely nurturing and authentic way" Charlaine

"I feel empowered to make changes to slow down the pace of my life and achieve more fulfillment. Beks has an amazing ability to break down the armour for you to see and truly feel yourself in an incredibly supportive environment. Everyone could benefit from this experience no matter what stage they are at." Amber

“I have been struggling emotionally and physically, tired and achey. I’m proud of myself that I’ve made the difficult first step to put myself first. I feel more grounded and peaceful.. like a new woman, so much more energy. I now have my passion back and strength to keep going! “ Ness S

“I was anxious about the idea of this course and scared about what might come up, but I wanted and needed help to make changes in my life. It has been challenging, exciting, encouraging and life-changing. I now feel I have skills I can call on daily and am looking forward to seeing the changes manifest healing in my life physically, emotionally and in my relationships. Thankyou “ Donna

“It doesn’t matter if you have no experience or 30 years’ experience in personal growth. Every woman should do this” Sivani

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