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Audio practices

Essential Presence Practice. As you strengthen your capacity to stay in embodied presence. Your mind becomes a useful tool, rather than a misguided leader.

Essential Presence Practice
00:00 / 11:31

Yoga Nidra is a powerful tool for deep restoration of nervous system and dissolve the limiting power of our emotions. 

Yoga Nidra
00:00 / 26:32

Vertical Core Practice  When we strengthen our presence in our vertical core we cultivate confidence, inner strength, vitality, compassion, non-judgement, clarity and peace. It magnifies the effect of our light globe and our ability to stay present in the face of challenging situations and especially other people’s energy.

Vertical Core Practice.MP3
00:00 / 14:52
Shakti Rising and 2 Snakes Kundalini Ascension Breath

CAUTION: This practice is only for Beacons who have completed the 7 day immersion. The capacity of this practice to build a lot of energy is great and needs to be prepared for. It can be used as a lead into meditation. It brings a deeper sensitivity energetically, intuition, healing, vitality, powerful presence and creativity are enhanced.

Shakti Rising 2 Snakes Breath.MP3Artist Name
00:00 / 17:03

Salutations to the sun

Core yoga flow to warm up with and use to link your poses together.

For beginner yogis, get familiar with this flow to prepare you for the immersions and to prime your physical body for our other practices.

Through hands and knees easier version

Through plank more advanced

Energisation exercises

With each exercise contract and release the muscle/s in a wave like action.
Some are static muscle contractions, some are moving. Follow and practice and you will gradually improve being able to isolate the control of your muscles.This a great practice to train your ability to focus quickly, hold your attention and let go. To harness energy and build resilience to external stressors. To be in control of your own joy and vitality

Tremor trauma/stress release practice

This tremor inducing sequence is designed to release held patterns of stress and trauma, whether acquired on a daily basis or from significant past events.

Begin practicing a few days apart as the results can be profound. Emotional, physical and and energetic release can arise. As you come to know yourself you can adjust the frequency.

3 Day Immersion Yoga Asana

DAY 1 Safety and Balance in Central Core

DAY 2 Vertical Core Yoga Asana for Inner Strength and Focus

DAY 3 Asana Explore and Express your Radiant Core

Extension Asana from 3 day

These practices are for Beacons who have been consistently playing with and progressing the 3 day asana over their first year.
In order to get a well rounded expansion in all levels of your being out of this extension practice the Central Core, Vertical Core and Radiant Core awareness and control need to feel well grooved and stabilised.
Please listen to the intro on the video before commencing.

Yoga asana supportive core practice for deep abiding peace and clarity

Song chants

Heart Wide Open.MP3
00:00 / 04:21
See Clearly
00:00 / 06:39
You are the Earth
00:00 / 05:20
Jai Ma Durga
00:00 / 06:58
Om Shri Mahalakshmiyei Namaha
00:00 / 06:43
Om Shri - you show me.MP3
00:00 / 02:57
Saraswati Ma
00:00 / 04:27
Saraswati - I am Creator.MP3
00:00 / 04:32

Mantra chants

Gyatri Mantra
00:00 / 02:48
108 Om Namah Shivaya
00:00 / 05:55
108 Om Eim Saraswatiyei Namaha
00:00 / 07:55
108 Om Dum Durgayei Namaha
00:00 / 06:52
108 Om Sri Mahalakshmiyei Namaha
00:00 / 08:04
Om Gum Ganapateyei Namaha
00:00 / 09:02
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