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Altar Card Pack of 7

Original Intuitive Art creating a portal to the expression of your Highest Self. 


Place on your altar to activate and affirm your Divine Nature. 


Receive all 7 of our Square Altar Cards in a bundled pack.
TRANSFORMATION: With the power of my loving presence I transform pain into peace and pure potential 


ISIS FREEDOM: I AM FREE and divinely supported in fulfilling my sacred mission on earth 


SOVEREIGNTY: I am the King and Queen of my own destiny AND SO IT IS 


ABUNDANCE: I am open to receive the abundance of all of creation 


RAW POWER: All that I seek is within me. It is safe for me to embody the power of my divinity for the highest good of all 


GREEN TARA: Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha 


I AM A CREATOR: It is safe for me to create my Heaven on Earth 

Altar Card Pack of 7

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