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Do you feel as if you're just existing and know you could BE MORE but aren't sure where to start or who you really are anymore?

Are you struggling with health issues or fluctuating energy levels and would love to feel truly FREE to do what you love?


Do you ever feel overwhelmed by stress, fears or anxieties that hold you back in life affecting your relationships, your income, and your joy?

I have helped 1000’s of people to move through pain, fears and feeling stuck to re-gain their PEACE, PASSION AND PURPOSE.


HOW WOULD IT FEEL if someone understood YOU and could show you how all the pieces of your particular puzzle fit together and help you reach your highest potential?


How would it FEEL TO BE NURTURED, SUPPORTED AND EMPOWERED in transforming your life PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY, MENTALLY & SPIRITUALLY in a community of like minded women?




I'm Beks Thompson an integrated health and self development coach and founder of  Be a Beacon.

Be a Beacon is a sacred path of personal development and leadership for women, where progressive bio-psycho-social science meets ancient sacred wisdom.



I get CONSISTENT, OUTSTANDING RESULTS for clients who are committed to our programmes.

This work IS NOT for everyone......this work can be challenging & takes a courageous spirit!  It's not for those who are looking for someone else just to 'fix them'.


This work IS for those ready to commit to creating REAL positive change in their lives, who want to be part of a new generation of women seeking a sacred path of powerful female leadership.


For women who want to make a bigger impact in the world without compromising their well-being, their family or their feminine.

                                                                   IS THIS YOU?


Do you want to live with peace, passion and purpose?

Do you know you have a calling for something greater but lack the confidence,clarity or energy to create it?

Then join me at one my intro Half Day events 

and discover how you too can Be a Beacon.

"I love and appreciate the amazing professional support I have received from Beks. Beks has the incredible ability to hold space to allow transformation from within. I have experienced this guidance on a deep level, it has allowed me to release and let go of things that no longer serve me. In doing so I feel lighter and freer physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually but most importantly more conscious. Thank you for the tools you have provided to assist me to move forward. It is now safe for me to be powerful. Forever grateful for your dedication and commitment to health and wellness!"



How is working with Beks Different?

Beks' unique methods 1:1 and in a group are a truly holistic approach to your well-being and personal development, encompasssing deep presence with physical, emotional, mental, energetic and environmental aspects.

Her background as a physiotherapist and yoga teacher, along with coaching skills and embodied feminine presence teachings give her a profound insight and tools for every woman to live and transform their lives by.


Life today, if we let it, can easily become extremely hectic, overloading our senses, our mind, our time and our bodies with constant demands. Our nervous system then becomes overwrought, which can lead to a whole host of complaints such as chronic pain, headaches, sleeplessness, cravings/addictions, impatience/anger, restlessness, indigestion, anxiety....the list goes on!


Beks can help you find spaciousness in your life, where you thought there was none, and create your own personal toolbox to empower you to manage and overcome the stresses of day to day life, get clarity around your direction, heal your past and access your highest potential in vibrant health.

"Beks is a gifted and intuitive healer who has supported me in my personal healing journey."  KYLIE


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