Be a Beacon is for women on a sacred path

of personal and spiritual development,

who are yearning for more fulfillment and to

awaken their impact in the world, without compromising their health, their family or their feminine.


More Energy, More Impact, Less Stress.

And here's the thing:

The push-pull that so many women have with showing up and then shrinking back due to overwhelm, energy levels, guilt and doubt is NOT about how busy you are or how worthy you are…..

It is a struggle with connection.

This struggle with connection goes hand in hand with the search for meaning and that what you do and who you are matters.

From working in the wellness and coaching arena for the last 30 years I have witnessed and worked with 1000’s women in varying degrees of burnout and stress. Irrespective of the symptoms, the root cause is always a lack of connection, self-worth and doubt.

When you don’t feel connected, seen, heard and valued you may:

  • Over-reach trying to make a difference, leading to stress, overload and exhaustion.

  • Feel a sense of disillusionment, so give up, numbing yourself to the lingering unease that all is not well.

  • Struggle to set clear boundaries around your needs and others.

  • Lose sight of your true heart’s desire and your joy.

  • Seek pleasure and validation externally, ultimately leading to a sense of vague emptiness within.

  • Get stuck in confusion and doubt, which reinforces the status quo.


Here is the TRUTH: The kind of disconnect and sense of lack many of us feel in our current society cannot be cured outside of ourselves.

It’s an inside job.

Just so that you know straight away:

BE A BEACON programme is not a ‘fluffy spiritual experience’ with no real relevance to the real world.


The embodiment and integration of physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual fitness, so that you can fulfill your sacred mission here on earth. It is about bridging the gap between the practical and the spiritual in a tangible and female oriented way.

Most importantly it is about seeing YOU clearly and resolving your struggles at their core.

For those of you reading this that are Awakening right now, the pain of knowing on a deep level that you are not truly living your highest or your values, that you are betraying yourSelf is growing.

Ask yourself these Qu's and if it's a YES to 2 or more, then Be a Beacon could be for you:

  • Is your inner voice getting impatient to be heard?

  • Do you yearn to feel a sense of peaceful purpose in your actions?

  • Do you yearn for meaningful connection and to belong to a like-minded tribe supporting each other?

  • Do you yearn to feel joy and a sense of wonder in the world again?

  • Do you yearn to make impactful change that doesn’t drain your own inner resources?

  • Do you yearn for clarity and the calm, energy and courage to bring that clear vision into something that bears abundant fruit?


An Important Note – signs we are not a good fit.

If you are looking for the next bright shiny object, quick high or fix rather than a lifestyle transformation then this is not the programme for you. If you are in love with the idea of change rather than actually making it a reality and are not willing to be open to exploring the truth about what is keeping you stuck then we are not a good fit either.







There is no other programme like it.

Here’s why:

last quote - 'the place to be' pic.jpg


It is comprehensive.

Most other programs focus solely on mindset or wellness or spirituality or energy work. With my unique expertise as a physio, life coach, yoga teacher/therapist and feminine presence master teacher, Be a Beacon encompasses ALL of you. It is a one-stop-shop life transformation path and the only program that I now run.

WHY? Because it works!

It is tried and tested and always evolving.

I have been working in this arena for 30 years. So along with living this work personally I have been testing, tweaking and validating the results of all aspects of this programme with my clients during this time. Be a Beacon is the culmination of this work thus far and I can guarantee your life will be forever changed if you commit to this path (see the raves from our Beacons who have experienced this below).

I am also committed to my own path of continuous development and thus you receive the benefits as Be a Beacon evolves with me too.

There is NO overload.

With many programs you can end up feeling overwhelmed with information, content and tools and not knowing how to best implement them. With Be a Beacon we go deep before we go wide. Mastery is the key here and you get to repeat foundational practices and skills, because as you evolve, new layers are revealed to be worked with. There is a clear path that is both cyclical and progressive and I work with you 1:1 to help you understand what you need and when, and how to integrate it into your life.

We balance 1:1, group, in person and online training in a measured way.

Many programs have moved away from offering 1:1 support and tending towards online and self-learning. Often the providers valuing passive income over outcome.I believe in the value of human connection, the power of the group, self-responsibility and the need to be seen and heard 1:1, equally. Be a Beacon offers all of this and gives weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly support, training and interaction.

The work you do here will literally last a lifetime, not just a weekend.

A lot of programs focus on one particular technique or one aspect of life over a short time frame, rather than a comprehensive approach over a 12-month period. This work looks at the fundamentals of why we struggle and re-grooves from the roots up how you do life. It will touch every aspect of your life – business, personal, relationships, health - you will be forever changed, in a good way!

PLUS we offer a lifetime membership to the community for a small yearly fee after the first year – THAT IS PRICELESS!

It is distinctly tailored to the feminine

Most people do life in a predominantly masculine way and many programs reflect that - more goal oriented, linear and one-size fits all.

In Be a Beacon we acknowledge and work closely with the feminine energy, that is cyclical, intuitive, creative and responds to deep connection, safety, feeling and appreciation. Don’t be misled, it is not all ‘flow and flowers’, it is also powerful, fierce and unwavering in highest truth. We also acknowledge individual rhythm and life circumstance. As women we are often juggling the demands of family life, relationships, business or work needs. I understand this dynamic balance and will help you to integrate this work into your life in a way that suits you.

It is superb value for your investment.

One of my clients put it this way “The value you will receive will far outweigh the financial investment you put in”. I can’t really say it any better than that!

Given the outcomes of the programme, my level of expertise and experience, plus the level of in-person contact in this programme I could charge a lot more – and people do.

However, I am in this business to serve women in the highest way possible and I strive to find a balance between an honest reflection of the value of the programme, whilst still staying in the realms of achievability for most women. I think I have found that balance.


It removes all confusion, so that you have a clear path to follow to Be a Beacon.

Many women say to me when they first join us that they have lots of tools but they don’t use them or don’t really know the how, why and when of implementing them. In confusion and doubt comes paralysis of will. Not any longer. The structure and support in this programme promotes depth, wisdom and simplicity. You will become the master of yourSelf and in turn naturally become a guiding light for others to follow.

I’m sure you must be wondering what you will be working on in this program:

It’s a little hard to put into words, rather than by direct experience, but a simple overview is that there is a foundation of 3 ‘cores’ we work with in you physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and environmentally:

1. Central Core: How you connect to you

Restoring calm, connection & capacity; re-grooving mental clarity; releasing trauma & stress.

2. Vertical Core: How you connect in relation to others

Building resilience, courage & boundaries; dealing gently with your shadows & fears; empowered compassionate communication.

3. Expressive Core: How you connect in relation to the world

Receiving your worth & your heart’s desires; being seen & heard; living fully expressed as your authentic Self creating impactful change; being an unwavering presence no matter what.

How is the program structured?

Be a Beacon is a 12mnth journey for women, during which we have a unique combination of group, 1:1, face to face in the room and face to face online components. I will get to know you and your unique self very well and you will get to be part of and work/play with an incredible tribe of women of all ages and backgrounds…. sharing a common desire to Be a Beacon.

There are:

  • Weekly fbook live meditations*

  • Monthly group zoom trainings*

  • 4 x 3 day live in the room immersions*

  • 1 x 7 night in person retreat

  • 8 x 1:1 coaching sessions with me

  • Access to online portal with video/audio resources*

  • Access to private fbook group with a weekly focus and reflection time and I am available for Q&A*

  • Option to stay in the tribe for a small yearly fee with continued access to*


Feeling Drawn & Ready for a Chat about Be a Beacon & YOU?


What our Beacons are saying:

Kelli Carr.jpg

"For years I had been operating on auto pilot having no real direction in life or enjoyment in my work.  I had tried everything with no real change until now - my life is forever changed.  Where I was ready to leave my job, it has completely shifted and I now feel fulfilled and supported. I have altered the way I treat my body and now feel rejuvenated instead of depleted.  I have more energy, less stress and my relationships have improved beyond measure." Kelli Carr


"Before Be a Beacon, I was stuck in a toxic relationship, had given up my teaching career due to burnout, was struggling financially and at a loss in my life’s direction.

The changes I have been through with this programme are truly phenomenal. My whole life has turned around. I am in a new loving and supportive relationship of my dreams, I have returned to teaching in a way that I never thought was possible and given incredible opportunities as a mentor to other teachers.

I am financially abundant and secure. I feel physically, emotionally and energetically lighter and have the tools to support me ongoing.

I am forever grateful to you Rebecca for your inspiring light, your dedication and commitment to what you do!" Katrina Gale

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