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I'm Rebecca Thompson (aka Beks) and I teach practical spirituality for the real world. I show you how to have more energy, less stress and be ALL of you, accessing your innate peace, power and potential.

From your personal evolution arises the courage and capacity to be an inspired and unwavering Beacon of positive change.

I think we need more of that in the world right now, don't you?

Have a browse through my site and check out my yoga classes and my programmes for women.

I'd love to connect,



Be A Beacon

Be a Beacon is for women who want to awaken their impact in the world, without compromising their health, their family or their feminine.

Learn more about this magnetic programme today...


Creator Unleashed

It is time to reclaim YOUR CREATOR within and live a life of prosperity, ease and impact!


Learn more about this 7 day immersive experience today...


"I couldn't recommend Rebecca’s programme Be a Beacon more if I tried. I have seen so many profound shifts within myself for my professional life and also my personal life. She will help you make those shifts that you're looking to make in your life, whether your career, in your relationships, with yourself or with your health."

Patrice Douglas 

“I had been living with stress and high anxiety, struggling with personal issues and relationships. Rebecca’s programme has transformed and impacted every area of my life. I have a sense of deep peace. My business has taken off and my relationships are at a whole new level."

Aldwyn Altuney 

Peace Power Potential

Awaken your impact without compromising your

own well-being.


Use my FREE No 1 Essential Practice that everyone needs in their personal toolbox for peaceful presence TODAY.



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