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WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW…are women who are not afraid to stand in their vulnerability, their power or their passion. Women who courageously explore their sensuality, their darkness and their light. Women who can hold their centre, whilst dancing through any storm. Women who own their worth, whilst celebrating and supporting others.

Are you ready to step into your greatness and be your most profound, powerful, creative, abundant, vulnerable, loving, vibrant, healthy self?

Then I invite you to Goddess Rising...

Due to the profound nature of this work, numbers are limited to 12 women and an application process to attend is required.

Glowing Raves from our 4 day Noosa Goddess Rising 2018

"This was exactly what I was looking for; a full mind, body spirit workout to slough off even more layers. Beks is an experienced facilitator who operates from a place of inclusive warmth, nurtured growth and firm, yet gentle butt-kicking as needed!

Highly Recommended."   Sue L

"Beks holds such a grounded, safe space to support the deep healing work and her valuable processes allow for whatever is neede to be worked on to bubble up.

I came away with new insights, more focus, confidence and clear desires for going forward PLUS valuable tools to feel more connected with expressing my truth.

I highly recommened this retreat" Lici Rose

"Another truly amazing retreat Beks! As  i return I find I can go deeper into this work with you. You are so wise and present with such clarity and love. I will use these strategies wisely...everything keeps getting better!" Sandy H

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