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Really absorbing accomplishments

Really absorbing accomplishments and celebrations is an edge for me.

My mind is very keen, it likes to move to the next thing without fully appreciating what has just been achieved. It likes to look at what isn't, rather than what IS...anyone else relate?

If I'm not careful it leads to the 'I'm never enough' dis-ease.

So I'm gifting myself time to absorb the moment of accomplishment with our recent 'Turning Point' show in collaboration with 6 Mangrove Productions and our Beacon cast.

It was the official Anywhere Festival awards on Saturday night.

We won a 'weekly' award for best show in the 4th week of the festival!!

We were also nominated for 2 more awards: immersive/participatory theatre AND the Anywhere Festival 'own pick' award...out of over 300 shows in Brisbane and Moreton Bay.

Pretty chuffed with that.

Breath, absorb, feel, expand...repeat...It's a process!!

Whilst absorbing this, Afra Feeney, Tracey from Treecreate and I are also sitting with how to evolve this work into future shows and keep this important narrative of the voice of the feminine alive.

We are worthy . And so are you


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