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The dark shadow the exact sword image I had within....

"The dark shadow the exact sword image I had within...."

There are certain times in my life that have provided a portal, an invitation into an accelerated greater expression of my Self.

Right now peri-menopause is one of those times and being on the path of conscious embodiment of my Soul Self, the transformation game is truly ON!!

It's a courageous path of surrender I've chosen to accept and whilst it's not easy, THE WAY is also truly blessed.

For around a year or so I have been navigating storms, shifts, hormonal flux and awakenings in quantum leaps.

My pelvis has repeatedly groaned under the request to open into receiving vaster source energy.

My emotions have shaken worlds in their torrent of release.

My many lives have been revealing and colliding for healing ALL in the cauldron of NOW.

And so Sunday was one of those days...arriving unannounced.

I was feeling grumpy, inexplicably sad and anxious, my pelvis had the recognisable groan of adjusting for growth.

I knew the signs and that nature and stillness to connect and deeply feel are the medicine.

I walked on the beach until no-one was in sight.

I was instinctively drawn to sit not far from a tall treestump, gazing out to sea.

I sat with what I was feeling.

Dropping in layer by layer through the sadness, I got to a deep wound.

The visual and the sensation was the shadow of a sword in my heart down to my belly, creating a hollow space of betrayal.

Tears flowed at the acknowledgement.

After a time my eyes fluttered open and looked straight across to the tree stump, it's shadow falling on the wet sand.

The dark shadow the exact sword image I had within.

Sobbing, shaking.

I moved to sit directly in front of the treestump and saw it was charred and blackened from fire.

More tears, more distant memories of burning fire, stakes, betrayal, aloneness.

A process emerged through prayer, art, release, words, movement and ritual cleansing in the ocean....blessed peace.

Yes I live what I teach.

After a sleep of integration....I awoke in what felt like a different skin.

Other parts of me reclaimed, more layers of ancient wounds released.

The spiral path.

My mission to fulfill my own prophecy is to come into Zero point calibration in the NOW.

Unfettered by the 'pasts' of this or any other of my lifetimes.

Fully expressed in divine union.

This is my prayer.

This is the dragon ride blessing of the peri-menopause portal.

The inner temple of unbinding....ultimate liberation.

With Love




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