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Exciting....My first time exhibiting artwork in a gallery

Exciting....My first time exhibiting artwork in a gallery .

For me it's not about selling or prizes (although that would be wonderful) - at the moment I'm still leaning into the edge of even showing my 'work'.

I'm not a technical artist, I have no training and my style of expression is definitely evolving as I continue to paint.

My art arises from an intuitive and at times deeply emotional space.

As I dropped off the artwork however, I realised it is the perfect day to be owning my inner 'artist' on my birthday!

We are all creators .

The opening night for Matthew Flinders Exhibition is Fri 14 July at our wonderful Bribie Island Community Arts Centre and runs for a few weeks.

There's a public choice prize too...check it out!

There's always an amazing range of art in many mediums.

My 2 below are: 'Quantum Healing' and 'Aura of Rose'.

Prob pretty obvious which ones which ??!

Big Iove Rebecca


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