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We are winners!

We are winners! Oh my goddess...what started as a seed of an idea a few years ago has blossomed into an award winning show.

If you haven't voted yet - you still can and help us win the overall Anywhere Festival award. This award was a wonderful weekly award.

Sooo much gratitude to Afra Feeney from 6 Mangrove Productions for helping to bring it to fruition.

To our courageous and beautiful cast of Beacons...this award is truly for you Tee Kae Wendy Davey Teri Jenkins Vera Raneri Fiona Rogan Amanda Bronn Kerrie Chandler Jodie Hewitt, Tracey M Benson from Treecreate thankyou for your creative support and documentation.

I look forward to how we evolve this!


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