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Community Spirit

I’ve just come back from a trip to Bali and it was a startling reminder that although we may be somewhat ahead in terms of technology, infrastructure and cleanliness of public areas (!)…they have a lot to teach us when it comes to family and community values, respect, tradition, art/culture, reverence, gratitude and HAPPINESS! For myself and my husband it was a welcome reminder of our true priorities, for our children it was an eye opener of another way to BE.

Cultural traditions, dance, faith, art, ceremony, storytelling and music have been used throughout time to help bring humanity into a sense of attunement with the true essence of life itself. To explore, express and challenge boundaries and beliefs, suffering and joy, creating a strong sense of belonging and tribe.

I know just a few weeks immersing ourselves as a family in this environment has done wonders for our little 'tribe'.... we felt so accepted by local people who were essentially strangers, we had a kids screen ban and so we all developed our more creative side in colouring, local cooking workshops and balinese crafts aswell as just BEING! We were in awe of the sense of community and the devotion in celebration and ceremony. One of the most touching moments was a whole village walking as one in colourful, exuberant and joyful procession for a funeral - how different here in Australia!

Conversely, in the western world, many creative and physical endeavours have become competitive and solo, judged and measured. We seem to have almost abandoned the ways in which we connect with reverence to each other, the world around us and our ‘source’ (whatever that means to you). Too often we become reliant on external material things for short term gratification and that’s the problem, that gratification is not REAL and doesn’t last.

A sense of emptiness, separation or purposelessness is felt by so many - in the form of anxiety, stress or depression, however mild…which can then manifest as dis-ease in the body. Right NOW teenage depression is at a peak and ALL the clients I see in my clinic have stress as a main or an underlying cause of their symptoms and suffering.

My passion is to try and bring back that sense of truly belonging to a community, to ease the burden of daily life and re-ignite the joy and simplicity of BEING!


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