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Creating Conscious Positive Change

So maybe there’s something you’d like to transform in your life and the New Year feels like a chance for a fresh start, the way we go about it thought will fuel our success or failure.

If you wish to succeed it is vital to do some self enquiry to discover more about who you really are, why you really want the change and what are you prepared to do in order to achieve that.

Most often the things we set about wanting to change are a result of our past behaviour, for example : we may want to lose weight, get fit, get a promotion or create a more harmonious work/life balance.

However the reason we find ourselves in our current situation is largely due to our habits, beliefs, fears and conditioning from past experiences – it is these thoughts, emotions and tendencies that need to be explored if we really want to create positive change.

The truth is we each tend to think and act in very individual but predictable and repetitive ways grooving those reactive pathways deeper and deeper, which makes it hard for us to climb out of the trench we’ve created and forge new and different tracks.

Look within and

see if you are still bound by the same old habits that people have recognized year after year. It you are, take the sword of wisdom and cut out those are the light in this body” Paramahansa Yogananda.

How do we shine the light of truth on a mind/body that is always trying to delude us? – you know how that little voice goes – ‘I’ll start tomorrow’, ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘Why bother’, ‘everyone relies on me’, ‘I must keep busy’ or ‘I’m too tired’.

To live our authentic, radiant self we must carve out space in each day to sit honestly with who we are and view the ways in which we limit, deceive, pressurise and deprecate ourselves – always observing from a calm place of love and understanding (without judgement !) This can be as simple as 5 to 10 minutes of every morning and evening in quiet reflection of the day, or watching the sunset over the Glasshouse mountains in peace and gratitude for life. We don’t always have to go digging for answers, often when we allow room for expansion beyond the rational mind, answers effortlessly arise by themselves!

Why change anyway? Often we desire change because our suffering on some level has become intolerable and that may lead us to have the thought pattern of ‘getting away from the suffering’, however that thought keeps us in a negative mindset.

It is far better to affirm the positive of what we wish to become or achieve ‘I am.......’, this way we are starting to recondition our mind to a more beneficial belief. The more we can affirm this mentally or out loud to ourselves, the more conviction, emotion and therefore power we bring to the statement – as Paramahansa Yogananda so eloquently said,

“Words saturated with sincerity, conviction, faith and intuition are like highly explosive vibratory bombs, which when set off, shatter the rocks of difficulties and create the change desired”.

It's Ok - Change is hard!

Change requires commitment, honest self-enquiry and acceptance of the fact that we all need help!

Be empowered…Take the leap…Make the change!

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