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A Personal Achievement To Share

We did a thing at the weekend....

RAW challenge, 60 obstacles over 9km cross country.

It ended up being so much more than I thought it would be.

I'll try and explain!

I originally said yes to this to join in the family fun/challenge and be part of something my boys were loving doing.

I was a little apprehensive of my ability...9km, military style obstacles is a tad different to my usual yoga and light jogging, but I knew I could go my own pace.

Then as the event drew nearer I started to feel more and more uncomfortable with it.

My mind was shouldn't have to do this, what if you get hurt, you don't have to do this to fit in, you won't enjoy it, just speak up for yourself about what you really want...etc!

I was curious, because these are old stories. I hadn't felt this way for ages...yet the voices got stronger.

As many of you know I have also recently returned from an incredibly deep week away with my Beacons...I'm talking quantum realm healing across all space and lifetimes to come to zero point calibration in the here and NOW.

Soooo...what became apparent during the week away was that this RAW event was activating the unravelling of old wounds from other life times...wounds of not speaking up and honouring my needs, humiliation, shame, being forced to do things I didn't want to do.....emotion and memories were pouring out...

I knew all that was needed was for me to allow all of this old pain to come through, witness it, love it and give my self permission to do whatever my true hearts desire was...

I'm not saying it was easy to stay present with what was was A LOT.

But that's what I'm here clear THE LOT!

I am soo grateful for Rich bearing loving and supportive witness to all of this, even when he may not really understand.

Right up until we left for RAW that morning I was in emotional flux and release...I sat on the edge of the bed as more tears flowed.

And then Rich said, maybe it is better if you stay here, this is supposed to be joyful. If it doesn't feel joyful you don't need to come.

It was the final piece...with this loving permission everything released, all pain, all inner conflict, all passed.


Everything felt clear and past muddying up the present.

Excitement immediately came in....and I was 100% in!!

And RAW?

It was brilliant.

I loved every minute.

I had my unseen guides with me every step of the way.

I drew on my training in presence and power that got me through obstacles I never thought I could do.

I joyfully said NO WAY to obstacles I knew I just couldn't do.

I amazed myself at my capacity and resilience.

I was in awe of my incredible boys who stormed through and came 14th and 15th in the competitors leg and Grace who came 10th in the women's !!!

I was in total love and gratitude for Rich who cheered me on without pushing me beyond my edge and never gave up loving me back.

This life, hey!!

With Love and Radiance


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