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Be a Beacon theatre is coming.

I have a deepening respect for those in the performing arts!

New to this particular journey, I'm finding the art of creating from conception to show ready an epic adventure.

In weekly rehearsals for our Beacon's show 'Turning Point', hours (and hours..) of playtime reduce to a few minutes of showtime.

Visioning, Refining, Choreographing, Remembering, Connecting, Recreating, Timing,'s an amazing process of surrender, listening, following, courage and faith....priming presence again and again.

Beyond grateful to have Afra Feeney from 6 Mangrove Productions to partner in directing/producing and our Beacon Heroines Amanda Bronn, Jodie Hewitt, Fiona Rogan, Kerrie Chandler, Teri Jenkins, Tee Kae , Wendy Davey and Vera Raneri bringing all of themselves to this's a LOT to ask and I am truly humbled.

What is emerging is raw, real, inspiring, touching and visually and emotionally compelling.

If you are a human curious about delving beneath the surface of existence you will totally relate to this show, if you identify as a woman likely even more so.

'Turning Point:

8 Women, 1 Story, The only path that matters'

Premieres 7pm May 27th on Bribie Island as part of the Moreton Bay Anywhere Festival.

Keep an eye out as more details are released soon....

Projection pics by Martin Drury


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