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BE A Beacon With Us

"Life changing is an understatement"

"I am calmer, more confident, I'm speaking up, being heard and attracting so much magic into my life....I'm sooo excited about the future"

"I have never experienced such loving, non-judgemental presence as I feel in this group of women"

"I spent so much of my life searching, without really knowing what I was looking for - I have found it here"

These are just a few of the many appreciations from our Beacons about the Be a Beacon programme.

This pathway of BEing a Beacon is a sacred blueprint for embodying your divinity.

It is also a practical and tangible modern day mystery school for we are here to be in the world, to create Heaven ON Earth, not to escape it.

As women there can be a lot of deeply held fear around truly showing up in our highest.

Fear around being seen, being heard, being powerful.

We can be masters at trying to shield ourselves from this fear, whilst at the same time holding a yearning to fulfil our true calling.

This inner conflict between the mind and the soul is draining, self sabotaging and creates so many obstacles in our path.

So we need a safe, loving and clear container in which to reclaim our centre, our courage and our power. A strong and potent container in which to gently disarm our fears, rediscover our heart's desires and cultivate the capacity to hold our divine presence under pressure.

This is exactly what happens in the container of our community.

When women come together held in this Beacon field of love, vulnerability, presence and pure potential....true alchemy happens unleashing the highest expression of YOU

You too can be a part of this magic...on a 3 day Embodied Foundations immersion OR a Year Mastery programme.

We are taking applications for a Feb start now.

Link for info/book a chat below beauty.

With Love and Radiance


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