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Inner Strength, Compassion, Power, Endings, 4 New Beginnings

We have been exploring and embodying aspects of the Goddess Durga here on our Beacon's Goddess Embodiment retreat .

Durga "You are warrior Compassionate Mother Protector and my Inner Strength You are the most fierce And the most gentle Salutations again and again" You are Durga She is one aspect of the feminine in all of us that lies dormant until we wake her. She protects you from your mind and external influences. She brings about destruction, not through vindictiveness, but through love so that you have no choice but to grow, to create new ways, to evolve. She is the earth of safety and the fire of transformation. She is the power behind movement. She is the fierce love and compassion of the 'perfect' mother. She is not afraid to do what needs to be done for the highest good of all. Her heart is pure and her voice is true. She acts swiftly without fear or hesitation, always calm for she knows that she knows.

When we learn how to embody ALL aspects of ourselves, awaken the divinity in our humanity, we become free to be fully expressed. Free from reactivity, triggers, old stories and the roots of suffering. Free to create Heaven on Earth. Part of this week is a painting journey, each day we will paint on the same canvas what arises from meditation on different aspects of the goddess within. A journey of free expression, of letting go, of creation... We've only just begun.

With Love and Radiance


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