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Long Post Alert

Long Post Alert 🤓 At the beginning of each new year I like to reflect on the year that was.

It's easy to fall into the 'what's next' without a DEEP appreciation for what you have already been through, accomplished, released and transformed. That deep appreciation helps grow self-assurance and faith for courageously moving forward into the next phase of your life.

Until I wrote this today, I really hadn't fully absorbed the enormity of what transpired in 2022.

A year ago, none of us knew what 2022 would look like and we were slowly coming out of a few years of being surrounded by global uncertainties and fears.

Knowing what you know now, if you could go back and give yourself some advice for 2022, what would it be?

For me the last 18 months (at least!) has been a dragon ride of epic proportions. The deep work I am doing is calling in all soul incarnations to be honoured, healed and calibrated into the power of NOW....dark nights of the soul and full embodied cell shaking radiance of the soul have been radically transforming my world on every level.

As with all uplevelling, there is a shaking of foundations as change is heralded. From a business perspective it has called for yet another surrender and leap into the unknown. I have been training for it, yet my humanness was not without some fear!

Writing this out now I am actually in awe of myself and this past year - here are some of the key moments of my 2022:

⭐️Eldest son turned 18 and left home for Uni - mixed emotions.

⭐️Our first Beacon baby was born, beautiful Vivien.

⭐️Our first combined in-person and livestreamed Beacon event due to Covid - great team effort, mixed tech success!

⭐️Established myself as an Intuitive artist and launched printed Altar Cards.

⭐️The FLOODS - mega clean up on a friends property led to healing and connection.

⭐️Hosting sacred music events in multiple venues - big city, belle tent, alt. house concerts/house warming inc. first Desert Song and Raw Heart concerts.

⭐️Multiple Brilliance without Burnout Events and then our FINALE BWB - the HUGE soul call to let the event go and create new signature intro event/s.

⭐️2 x Potent Goddess Embodiment Retreats with our Year 1 Beacons.

⭐️A rather lengthy building process to put in a 'wall of light' in my WOMB ROOM clinic and temple space.

⭐️Took part in a Bribie Eco-Tourism forum.

⭐️First 'Adulting' camp and climb adventures with family plus girlfriend!

⭐️4 x Embodied Foundations 3 day events with our Beacons, with new members joining our incredible community each quarter. Now over 30 Beacons in our Year Mastery Programme!!

⭐️Hosting last Radiant Femmes Meet-Up after 3 years of speakers, events and online group....time to now let it go and focus energies elsewhere.

⭐️A month in the Red Centre - massive soul reclamation, global healing and initiation to country...still integrating! Also raised $2500 for Indigo Foundation on my sponsored hike on Larapinta Trail.

⭐️Igniting of my painting and psychic intuition journey follows with Green Tara coming through strongly.

⭐️I turn 50 and feel fabulous - a gathering of light bearers in celebration. Feeling blessed to have such heart centred sisters in my life.

⭐️Creator Unleashed (CU): 7 Day Heaven on Earth Collective is launched. My first fully online and 100% channeled programme. It is a roaring success and new Beacons were born.

⭐️Create our first evergreen online memb. programme from CU.

⭐️Crystalline Clarity a new 1/2 day in person event is launched in record time with my 'Star of Clarity' system and new Beacons were born!

⭐️First SWAG road trip with one of my Beacon Angels to run our Magnetic Island Retreat.... I⭐️S⭐️I⭐️S magic abounds on the way and next level quantum earth healing on Castle Hill, Townsville!

⭐️Ran our 3rd Level 3 Beacon's Sovereign Quantum Leap retreat on Magnetic Island - just WOAH!

⭐️I⭐️S⭐️I⭐️S came through big time on canvas following - huge energy and healing in/during this painting.

⭐️First family RAW 9km obstacle run challenge - much 'other life' healing around this, felt like a multi level initiation. Huge success on all levels!

⭐️Deep Grief as we suddenly have to say goodbye to our precious Indi, companion and therapy dog. To know grief you must have known love.

⭐️Grief arises as the theme for our last Beacon 3 day of 2022, cracking open hearts for next level healing, connection and reclaiming of soul power.

⭐️Surrender the attempt to grow long 'goddess locks' hair and embrace the goddess within LOL..... feeels greaaaat!

⭐️Welcome my blood family from UK after 4 long years apart, special times for 6 weeks....ongoing!

⭐️'Beacon Theatre' is launched and is in workshop mode - yes the Beacon journey is coming to stage - 8 women, 1 shared story, GULP! We have even been accepted into the ANYWHERE Festival and will be performing live May 27th - WOOHOO!! Huge shoutout to Afra Feeney, Beacon and creator of 6 Mangrove Productions and Tracey M Benson both collaborating on this.

⭐️Honoured to accept a request to be on the 'board' for NEW Bribie Artists Collective and then to be welcomed onto the artist trail map - I am now officially an ARTIST!

⭐️Thrilled and excited to be asked to collaborate with Treecreate in hosting 'Weaving Waters' an Artist in Residence Symposium to be held

Nov 2023 on Bribie - where science, nature, spirituality and art meet.

In-between the lines there has been a lot to sit with emotionally, mentally, physically and energetically as my soul continues to move me towards expansion, fears are sat with (sometimes wrestled with) and grief has at times felt like it could swallow me.

And yet this foundation of connection to source that I cultivate daily, my Soul Self, continues to support me (as do my earth angels and

Beacon community) and grow stronger every day throughout every perceived challenge.

I am lighter and brighter as I emerge through darkness, embodying the truth of my divine nature, without limits, one breath at a time.

My sacred mission is being fulfilled, of that I have no doubt.

My capacity expands and my light reaches even the darkest corners....

And so my own advice to myself at the start of 2022 would have been: Relish every moment - high and low, you will look back on these days and realise what an epic turning point they were in your soul's evolution.

Nothing is ever a negative, self doubt is your poison and Self-love is your medicine!

You are Sovereign and Success is assured.

Thankyou for bearing witness.

How about your 2022 dear heart?

With Love and Radiance



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