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Magnetic Island Retreat Recap

I've been a bit quiet on here of late as I've been deep in temple space on Magnetic Island and since returning home, deep in integration.

It's been a wild dragon ride of raw emotion, radiant joy, magick, chambers of death, quantum healing, activation and renewal....

What exactly goes on in sacred temple space, pretty much stays in temple space....But I can share that this week was an intimate training for some of our Beacons who have undergone a whole year or more of our modern mystery school training in divine embodiment and have now grown their capacity to open into radical healing in multidimensional lifetimes and realities to help further their sacred mission in this lifetime.

It can be a pretty intense experience at times healing and activating on this level, which requires great faith, presence and support (seen and unseen) to stay with the fire and receive the abundant blessings that follow.

The time after expansion is crucial in stabilising the growth and continuing to allow the ongoing shifts and releases that occur when our new energetic field interacts with our regular daily life.

(I'll share a bit more about my own integration in a future post.)

I feel so incredibly blessed to walk alongside these courageous earth angels who are committed to the path of expressing their Highest Self fully to co-create heaven on earth.

I thankyou, for we walk together.

P.S Our Be a Beacon Embodied Foundations and/or Year Mastery are taking applications for Feb 2 start! PM me beauty.


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