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The Gift of Community

"Thank you for showing me so much love and support, gently holding space and inspiring me. You have made such a positive impact in my life I can't thank you enough. Love always"

This brought tears to my eyes....a gift sent from a dear Beacon who embodies the 'Way of the Rose' and has travelled alongside me a few years now...birthing 2 blessed babes during that time in the womb of our community.

This woman also packed up with her young family and left everything she knew, following her inner voice, to be a wayshower, a Beacon in the Bee community....THE most important caretakers on earth.

Natalie you amaze and inspire me. Thankyou, I love you.

I adore each and everyone of the women who walk with me, for they show true courage, their vulnerability, their strength and their love and their light in a challenging world.

They truly are Beacons, lighting their own divine path to co-create heaven on earth.

If you are curious about the pathways available with our Beacons, just reach out.

With love and Radiance


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