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The Power of our Word to Manifest our Reality

Majestic Mountain

Steady Pace

Father on High

Warm Embrace

Cooling River

Running Free

Bubbling Rhythm

Speaks to me


Words divined by Saraswati source, sitting by Mothar Mountain rock pools after the 'peak' of Cooroora earlier in the day.

The last 2 days for some of our Beacons at 'Goddess Embodiment Retreat' and we open into the infinite potential of Sarawsati.

Om Eim Saraswatiyei Namaha...

Interrelationship of all things Reverence of rhythm Deep peace from divine embodiment Higher Self intuition through all senses...extra and intra! The power of our word to manifest our reality The capacity to actualise how your soul wishes to express and create through you.

Words are so powerful and yet also at times seem incapable of fully expressing what is transpiring....what is being felt, released, shared, received, birthed....


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