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5 Top Tips for a Conscious Christmas

No matter what our religious beliefs the majority of us still celebrate Christmas in some way. Maybe for you it’s a holiday, a break from routine, a chance to catch up with distant friends and relatives, or do you dread the impending stress of present buying with all its’ pitfalls and costs, of trying to ‘do it all’ – see everyone, feed everyone and live up to an imaginary ideal of the perfect Christmas.

Society encourages us to ‘buy into’ the idea of Christmas from a material perspective, how many times has someone asked you – “so, have you started your Christmas shopping yet?” or “ so, are you ready for Christmas” as if it’s some kind of race or event to psych oneself up for.

So what does Christmas REALLY mean to you?.....the timeless message of Christianity is one of love and compassion to all, so regardless of our faith isn’t this something we can all do with more of? The gift of spreading love and compassion costs nothing!

Mother Theresa has been quoted as saying “Not everyone can perform great acts in their lifetime, however all of us can perform many small acts with great love and kindness”.

Christmas is a perfect time to reflect on the gifts life itself holds. All of us reading this article are living in a western world of relative peace, beauty and abundance – we have much to be grateful for

and yet we allow negativity to creep in, in the form of complaining, criticising and fear. Spiritual texts and western science agree that our thoughts manifest our reality, therefore if we are more mindful of our thoughts and intentions we can help create a more loving and peaceful reality. A gift to oneself that keeps on giving.

5 Tips for a Conscious Christmas

  • Smile - Persons in customer service are people too (and very busy this time of year), make it your job to brighten everyone’s day with kind words and a smile

  • Gratitude - As you sit down to open your gifts or enjoy your Christmas lunch, take a few moments to offer up sincere and humble thanks for what you are about to receive, or why not start a daily gratitude practice of listing 3 things you’re grateful for each day

  • Think local – How can you spread the love in your local community, by buying local, supporting community events or maybe volunteering

  • Back to nature - If things get a bit intense, take a reality check - get out and soak up the wonder and magnificence of nature’s priceless gifts

  • Pray – you don’t have to be religious to pray – sit quietly and send out a heartfelt prayer for the benefit of those less fortunate than yourself

Wishing you all a joyful, peaceful and abundant Christmas

with love


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