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Life's a Balancing Act

Life sure is a balancing act!

When we think of balance in life, we can tend to have this rose tinted view of perfection:

Everything flowing smoothly, loving family dynamics, impeccably behaved children doing everything they ‘should’, happy, harmonious work life, financial comfort, pain free, mobile bodies, nothing breaking down or going wrong!

That would be nice, right?

But I think balance is a more dynamic state, not some haloed destination that we are striving to reach & mustn’t fall off the perch from.

I often use the yogic term ‘walking the knife edge’ as a metaphor for living in balance…it describes that fine point of poise & peace between struggle & surrender. But at the moment I’m playing

with balance in a bit more of a flying trapeze rather than a tightrope sort of way & I think I like it – for now anyway!

That is to say, rather than rigidly walking the tightrope & risking rising tension as we desperately try to maintain equilibrium, it’s more like launching yourself joyously into life with complete trust & faith that you will be looked after, as long as you have conscious awareness – just as with a flying trapeze, it wouldn’t do to lose your attentiveness & slip altogether.

It all comes back to AWARENESS doesn’t it?

Awareness of how you feel in your body, mind & emotions is the indicator of where you’re at right now & wherever you’re at is OK…..because it just IS & life is always going to be changeable, it’s the very nature of things.

It’s what you choose to DO with your awareness that matters.

So my advice to you? Live life on Purpose, Courageously & Passionately like the trapeze artist….truly BEing in each moment with loving awareness, responding in a way that takes you towards PEACE AND JOY!

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