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3 pose flow for grounding, energy and courage!

As a yoga teacher, yoga is of course one of my go to physical practices. What I love is the intentional, therapeutic and energetic aspect of it.

Here's a quick breakdown of this 3 part flow:

1. Earth Warrior Pose for grounding, clarity and strength. Focus on strong dynamic legs and stable base, feeling your centre like a plumbline from crown to tail to floor down the front of the spine. Front heel to rear instep alignment. Arms should feel light and expanded from the heart space. Soft but focused gaze straight ahead.

2.Triangle Pose for activating and radiating energy and abdominal organ and spinal health. The key here is again engaged thighs to protect the knees/hips and keeping spinal length..IT IS NOT A SIDE BEND, but a hip tilt. The energy is harnessed with the breath in the lower belly and radiates from this central core down the legs, up and down the spine, and up to the heart and out along the arms.

3. Half Moon Pose for courage and 'I can do this' attitude. Great to use a block and the wall for support as you begin. Go step by step: start by grounding the weight bearing leg, then reach for block, then lift back leg to horizontal with toes out to side, then stack hips, then rotate heart to side more, then arm up, then gaze to side....stopping at ANY step to groove SUCCESS not failure. When you find your expression of the pose extend out from your core in all directions like the STAR that you are!

Have fun to know the why and how behind your physical practices or your favourites!


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