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Counterposing - why and what implications does it have in life?

Counterposing - why and what implications does it have in life?

In yoga, counterposing is where you balance the effects of a pose by bringing in the opposite.

In these pics taken during one of my classes below you can see this demonstrated.

Each pose has a physiological, emotional and energetic effect.

Without balancing these effects with your choice of poses, it can promote over-use injuries, instability and/or rigidity, emotional and energetic imbalance.

A yoga class that leaves you feeling both calm and energised is how you know you've found the right balance.

One of my yogis described it like this:

"At other yoga classes I leave feeling relaxed, but after your classes I feel both a deep peace and the feeling that I can take on the world!"

Counterposing has implications out in the world too. How much do you stay in the same lane in life?....physically, mentally and emotionally?

Do you challenge yourself to explore outside your habitual patterns, the polarities and the edges of comfort and expression in all directions?

It's not until we can embrace and inhabit our edges without feeling disturbed, that we can truly abide in our centre in PEACE.

With deepest love



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