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Daily practices for adrenal fatigue

For any of my dear friends who are struggling daily with energy levels and adrenal fatigue, this is for you:

3 restorative poses that need to be done daily to get you back on track.

It often isn't enough to just rest and hope you'll feel better tomorrow. Your nervous system, adrenals and endocrine system need more support to restore.

Self care is an active, intentional process, but once you take the action of commitment and routine, these restorative yoga poses are about as passive as you can get and still get huge results.

Combined with intention and breath awareness they are even more potent bringing you from being caught up in the over wrought self (ego) to more deeply connected to the infinite Self (divine self).

Each pose can be as little as 5 mins upwards and modified with pillows and cushions if you don't have a bolster.


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