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Every-body's body is unique

Every-body's body is unique and every day you have a unique experience in your own body.

Learning to respond to my body's needs in a way that stems from deep listening is something I have been cultivating and teaching for years now.

The interesting thing is that the deeper I go and the more sensitive to my body's wisdom I get, the subtler I am.

Less is always more when I move from this place....there is more 'tapasya' when I move from my centre.

Tapasya is a yogic term for an internal heat that comes from 'staying with' . This internal fire is what creates transformation, the combustion of old redundant patterns.

We all have patterns that we have acquired mentally, emotionally and energetically that have become embedded in the physical. Some are healthy, some have become redundant.

Those not serving us anymore eventually give rise to discomfort in some way.

Its through this deep listening and responding to my body wisdom that huge healing shifts have occurred on all levels of my being.

Its such an interesting journey!


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