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Something is birthing.....

'Most' people in my position start a podcast, write a book, do a speaking tour.

AND sooo many people have 'suggested' these to me...umm thanks!

But I'm not most people (and neither are you BTW).

I did start a book once but it felt like walking through toffee.

I had a speaking tour planned out, but covid put an end to that (and source has other plans).

Podcast?...hhmm maybe, but not feeling it right now.

There are NO shoulds.

I know I have to FEEL it to create it....feel the juice, the expansion, the joy - and yes usually the fear!

Late last year I started getting the feels...the feels for theatre.

Yep I know, go big right!!

But there it was undeniably sparking, bubbling, building....

Downloading, attracting, stirring the quantum field.

Verbatim/collage theatre, mixed media, story-telling, connection, inspiring, raw, real, vulnerable......

Various perfect co-creators came into my field...magic

It became apparent it wasn't just about me and my story, it was going to become a 'Be a Beacon' passion project too...the next step in expression, courageous leadership, vulnerability, presence under pressure and creativity for those Beacons feeling the call.

It's just beginning, but it feels soooo good...Easeful, fun and full of possibility.

Do I know how this all going to turn out?

Not exactly, but I can feel the power in it, see the big vision.

I don't need to see all the steps to get there....heck that would just be overwhelming!

I trust each step will unfold at the right time...they already are.

That's how harnessing the creator in you works.

How do you know if something is right for you?

It not only feels expansive in you, others catch the vibe too!

Full permission to unleash the creator in you my love. .that's what you're here for.

With Love and Radiance



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