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What does this pose have to do with coherence?

With my clients I talk a lot about coherence: Do you approach your physical care with the same foundations of intention as your emotional, mental wellbeing or regard for the planet and others?

What are your fundamental beliefs and and how DO you integrate them coherently into your life.

One of the core principles in yoga is ahimsa or do no harm.

When it comes to physical practices I see time and time again, lack of body awareness facilitating micro strain that overtime can create serious physical (and therefore emotional/mental/energetic) imbalances.

That's why I'm hot on training my clients to access their feeling, to centre in their bodies and move from their core.

When you live, move and sustain from a centred place you gain stability, flexibilty and strength in all areas of your life....and the opposite is also true when you don't.

Take this yoga pose.

The one with the X is how this hip opener pose is often taught and yet you can see the loss of foundational support and twisting happening in the pelvic = ouch over time.

The one with the tick practices ahimsa, both hips are supported in the pose without losing the effect of the stretch and maintaining a stable pelvis.

Your body is a reflection of your life.

How coherently are you living yours?


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